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Welcome to the home of the T.R.I.B.E. 4x4 Club and  Enjoy what we have put together for you and we hope you can make it out on a trail run with us soon.  To find out about our upcoming runs click on the "trail rides" link above. 

We are interested in you and your 4x4 as well.  If you would like to let everyone know about your ride simply click on the "Reader's Rides" link to the left and upload a pic and information about your vehicle.

Remember to tread lightly and always leave a trail cleaner than when you arrived.  Don't give the loud and ignorant any ammunition to try to take away our rights to the trails we ride on!

This month's Feature Article

The painless wiring system for 76-86 Jeep CJ vehicles is just that painless!  Too many of us home mechanics fixing even the toughest transmission problems are no problem but when it comes to our rigs electrical wiring

that is a whole other story.  Understanding electrical basics and wiring can be confusing and tricky, but even the backyard greese monkey with zero electrical knowledge can install one of these bad boys.

     We recently began experiencing a short in the braking system in our 74 CJ5.  Each time you hit the brakes after a few seconds the fuse would pop.  I traced what wires I could from front to rear searching for an exposed wire or something causing a short but couldn't find anything.  Already concerned with the Jeeps entire wiring system because all of the additions and subtractions over the last 27 years; we decided it was time to simply install an entirely new wiring harness.  So I called the boys over at "4 wheel drive hardware" to discuss my application.  Since I had converted to a fiberglass tub (the Jeep comes out of the Northeast), and the dash board was designed out of poplar wood, we decided to go with the model # 10106 because of the advantages of being able to customize the harness.                                    Click here for more!

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