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l 1986 Suzuki Samarai

l  1.3 liter engine

l  Hard Top

l  Clean Intertior

l  Petroworks High Performance clutch

l  Duck taped drive shaft

l  Custom Asian Fog Lights (never worked)


Best Mod:  Rebuilt T-Case

Worst Mod:  Those silly asian fog lights


Doug's new project vehicle


Doug decided to go camping with Scott in Big Bear last year, and rode shotgun with the crazy boy for two runs.  After nearly falling out of Scott’s Toyota on several occasions, and hearing the voices of dead relatives on Scott’s first attempt up a hillside, Doug was hooked.

Several months later, under gentle but yet unyielding pressure from Scott, Doug committed to the sport by buying this Suzuki.  At the time, it was inoperable due to a broken t-case, and some duct-taped drive shafts.  Oh, and those Asian lights had never been hooked up…

Recent Work

Over a recent weekend the zook saw dramatic improvements.  Smelling a project in the air, the boys from 4x4 Garage swung buy and lined up for assignments.  First to come off was the t-case, then the transmission, and finally, the stock clutch.  While a new Petroworks high performance clutch was being put in, Doug and Scott worked on the t-case, pulling the old gears and determining the damage from the previous owner.  It was a pleasant surprise for everyone to see that it was much ado about nothing: only the shift sheet had disintegrated, and the case as a whole was in fine condition.


Afterwards, new fluids were replaced everywhere, as were the plugs, distributor cap, and spark-plug wires.  For the first time in five months, the zook hit the streets under its own power.

Future Work

  • Lift Kit

  • Tires & rims

  • GRS I reduction gears

  • Power steering

  • Rear Locker

  • K&N Filter Charger

Quote:  "Ahhh, where are the doors?"

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